Getting your puppy groomed at an early age is going to be the best way to get them used to all that goes along with the process. We will slowly get them used to the salon environment, noises, being stood up at height, clippers, being showered and groomed, nail trimming and more. We are also able to work with nervous dogs, and similarly we will slowly and gently introduce these elements to get them fully used to this process.

So, if you have a puppy needing their first groom or a nervous dog, please get in touch and we can discuss your dog’s needs.

Personalised Service

We understand that every dog is different, with their own unique personality. This is why we offer a personalised service for both puppies and nervous dogs. Each dog will take their own time to get used to each step, and we will make sure they are happy throughout the entire learning experience.

We will get them used to:

Grooming For Nervous Dogs

We approach both nervous dogs and puppies in the same way when it comes to getting them used to the grooming process. We want your dog to feel as comfortable, calm and confident as possible.

We will start extremely slowly, letting them get used to their surroundings. Having worked with dogs for many years, we can fully understand stressed or scared behaviour and will only do things they are completely comfortable with.

Please note that during these training stages, we may not be able to achieve the perfect groom first time, as this is a gradual process and we will stop the groom if we believe it is necessary.

Puppy & Nervous Dogs Prices

Our puppy grooming can start from 12 weeks until 5 months. We recommend getting your puppy groomed as early as possible after their 2nd vaccination. 

  • Puppies – Starting from £35.00
  • Nervous dogs – Priced individually

Contact Doggylicious Cheltenham

For more information on our puppy and nervous dog grooming services, please get in touch today.

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