The Importance of Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth.

dog with gums and teeth showing

Growing up, I had a grandad who was all for cleaning his teeth, yes he was a bit over the top cleaning them 4 times a day especially half an hour after every meal, but I was taught the importance of looking after my teeth and gums from a very young age.

Now the thing is, if dogs could talk they would say to us hoomans, “we don’t look in the mirror to check our teeth or breathe into our paws to see how our breath is that day”. They can’t do this, they can’t tell us what state their teeth and gums are in.

Now some are great chewers, so naturally that can help their teeth and however others well!!! They sure can be a bit on the fussy side.

It was looking at the dog’s teeth whilst grooming them and having the loveliness of their rather not so nice stinky breath kisses that got me thinking of their own oral care, and they would think how us hoomans are helping them, our loyal pals.

It was then that I heard about the fabulous Emmipet toothbrush which is non vibrating and non-invasive treatment, I became instantly interested.

I further researched the subject, spoke to others who were using this amazing brush. I then did my training with it to learn how to use it correctly, remove the plaque and tartar gently and effectively and to understand the stages of gum disease etc.

I have to say, I felt I had found a new passion, in canine oral health and teeth cleaning. I achieved the certificate 😊

Now dogs are like us humans, all our teeth and gums are different, some of us build plaque quicker than others, some of us have great teeth but struggle with gums. Well it’s the same as our fellow companions, so during the teeth cleaning process everyone has to maintain their expectations. For some it takes a series of sessions to bring their teeth to where we need them, others not so many.

So why have your dog’s teeth cleaned?

For many of us, the thought of our dogs going under anaesthetic is a scary option, so this is where I come in. By maintaining your dog’s teeth and gums regularly, we can reduce this from having it to happen.

I can also keep an eye on what’s going on in your dog’s mouth – please remember I’m not a vet, but I can point out any concerns I may have that the vets may need to check.

I’m pleased to say many of my clients started out with their vets saying they needed to go in for dentals but after a series of sessions with the Emmipet and me of course, the vets are very happy with the outcome.

Bonus – clean teeth and fresher breath – it’s a win win all round…


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